What madness is this?

Hello from York.  The sun is starting to shine a bit more and the garden is definitely waking up.  Our magnolias are looking gorgeous and the camellia bushes have really tried hard this yearP1140117.

In the back garden a flower bed has been cleared and a little fence erected so that Frank will be able to roam when the weather really has warmed up.  I can’t pretend that I did that, but I have been planting since and have seeded a bit of lawn.  It is still looking a bit barren, but should fill out by the time he needs it.

Ella has developed a taste for tomato since she realised that Frank enjoys them!  I was amazed when she swallowed one and assumed she would think better of it next time.  No, she ate another!  I was incredulous and so when it came to her dinner time, I put a tomato in her bowl instead of kibbles.  She picked it up and shot off with it, which is something she does with really special things like a bone.  When something amazing is given to her, she always thinks we might want it back so goes and hides.  Humphhh …. I can’t think she will be so keen on lettuce, but we will have to see ….. now there is competition in the house!!

We celebrated my mums 80th birthday just a few days after my last blog …. which sadly was ages ago!  A lovely luncheon do with family and friends.

Crafty wise, I finished the crocheted blanket.  I am rather pleased with it and am keen to make another.  P1140122

It was extremely good value as I mentioned before and I have plenty of wool left over, probably enough for a baby blanket, or a cushion.

Alice gave me an amazing tapestry for my birthday.  I saw the designer at ‘Crafty Fox’, the fair I told you about back in December that was held in Brixton.  She is called Hannah Bass and has charted lots of city maps for tapestries.  Consequently I have been stitching like mad as it is quite addictive. IMG_2336

It looks really difficult – which I said to Hannah when I saw her, but she assured me that if the roads are stitched first, you just then fill in the shapes, a bit like colouring by numbers – and she is right!

I made a large bowl with handles. P1140123

Next month I am demonstrating at two quilt retreats, so need lots of examples to show.

More recently I have been making this; P1140121

yes it is some sort of madness!  Alice was given a book for Christmas called ‘Knitted Dolls’ by the fabled Arne and Carlos.  I mentioned them way back, two Easters ago I think.  We went to Southwold and I was knitting an Easter bunny …. designed by these Swedish boys.  When I saw the book … of course I was jealous that it wasn’t mine …. but I knew I would have to knit a doll.  The book has the doll pattern and lots of outfits!!  So far as you see, mine is headless, but she has striped tights and a blue vest.  For her clothes, I have my eye on a dress and cardigan combo …. but there are all sorts of things ….. and a photo of a wardrobe full of clothes :-\  Hopeless!!

On a theme …. Easter holidays and I had two more ‘Get to Know a Sewing Machine’ classes at the York School of Sewing.  Twelve children in all and we had lots of fun and made mats.IMG_2332  Here are six of them.   Nadine and I have great plans for half term and a Summer Holiday Club and already classes are filling up fast.

I have been at the Quilt Museum each week and the latest exhibition is very popular.  I never fail to meet really friendly interesting people from all over the country and the world when I am there.  The Fine Cell Work is receiving much praise and the visitors book is full of amazing comments.  I hope some of the prisoners get to see it.

Of course we are all very sad that all too soon the museum will be no more.  It will close on 31 October for the last time.   We currently have a temporary manager in covering maternity leave and she has worked in a clutch of very prestigious museums.  Her comment about the Quilters Guild Collection was that she has never seen such a beautifully kept, researched and documented collection as this one.  Of course the collection (over 800 quilts) will be safe and the Guild will still store and maintain it …. it just won’t be so accessible.  Sadly it loses money each year and the Guild can’t afford to keep it running.   I would urge any of you who haven’t ever visited, to do so, for those of you who like quilts as much as me – it is an amazing place.

Since I started this post the girl has moved on a bit and at least now has a head! IMG_2337

I have been to another meeting of Priory Patchers and we made theseIMG_2339

…. a mug caddy.  One of the members visited a quilt group in the US and they all rolled up with these.  the insert will stand alone when lifted out …. so you can have a drink, wash your  mug and put it all back together.  Quite a nifty idea me thinks.  There are lots of examples on the internet along with instructions.  Who knew?

Right.  I will get this actually published now …. just in case anyone is still remotely interested.  Anyone coming to Harrogate for the QG AGM I will be there on Saturday … oh and in the museum tomorrow afternoon if you are on a trip 🙂


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