Another mouth to feed!

My blog has been sadly neglected … I just looked at the last post and it was in May!  To get going again I shall just list all the things that have happened and just show some pictures.

Another lovely quilt retreat with ‘Edward and the White Bear’.P1140175

A trip to Scotland for the Quilters  Guild Region 16 residential weekend.  I did a fantastic workshop with Linda Colsh  .  Lots of paint and glue and generally messy fun. IMG_2448

I also stopped off at Linlithgow on the way and saw the Palace for the first timeP1140320

and on the way home, I called in to see the amazing Kelpies at Falkirk.IMG_2486

The following week, Alicia Merret came to stay with me whilst she gave a talk and workshop to Priory Patchers.  I really enjoyed her company and  making a map – sort of Monifieth!IMG_2506

On holiday to Lake Como.  What a glorious place.P1140332

A few days in Venice too in the Jewish Quarter.P1140363

And a trip to Burano island.P1140410

Back home and my kids summer school at York School of Sewing really kicked off.P1140555

A quick week off to go to Festival of Quilts.  Amazing as usual and lots of children through the workshops.  Here are a group after they had made my ‘Funky Fish.P1140463

So many quilts but here is one that caught my eye immediately.  Its by Gillian Travis and is called Scandinavian Jumpers.P1140453

I signed up for a workshop with Jane Davies called ‘New England Houses’.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and was really pleased with the little wall hanging that I started during the 3 hour session.  This is Jane’s finished piece.P1140459

Back to York and children’s workshops all through the summer holidays.  We introduced Gym Bags and Pencil Cases which I am sure will be a favourite every summer.  Four more ‘Get to Know a Sewing Machine’ which was full every time and means we have a bigger pool than ever of children who can come to our other workshops.

If you are on Facebook, go to’ York School of Sewing’ and you can see a pictorial record of my life for the last few weeks!!  It has been hard work but such great fun 🙂

Now I suppose the most amazing news is that after lots of ‘should we, shouldn’t we’ we have got another dog.  I suspect most of you know about this, but if not – here is Molly.P1100938

9 weeks old.  We are not enjoying broken nights sleep …. but she is gorgeous.  Ella is warming to her and being a very good girl about the whole thing:-)

There!  Potted three months.



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