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End of an era

I have spent a very happy two days in the Quilt Museum helping to set up the next – but sadly the last, exhibition.  It has been really hard work, but the gallery looks amazing.  It is full of art quilts and the title is ‘Quilt Art Dialogues’.  In the Bailey Gallery are quilts from the Guild collection, many of which haven’t been seen before.

If you can, do come and see it.  It will be your last chance to experience this amazing building and the quilts within it.  I’m afraid there is to be no photography, so I can’t show you.  The exhibition runs from tomorrow until 31 October, then its all over.

Another mouth to feed!

My blog has been sadly neglected … I just looked at the last post and it was in May!  To get going again I shall just list all the things that have happened and just show some pictures.

Another lovely quilt retreat with ‘Edward and the White Bear’.P1140175

A trip to Scotland for the Quilters  Guild Region 16 residential weekend.  I did a fantastic workshop with Linda Colsh  .  Lots of paint and glue and generally messy fun. IMG_2448

I also stopped off at Linlithgow on the way and saw the Palace for the first timeP1140320

and on the way home, I called in to see the amazing Kelpies at Falkirk.IMG_2486

The following week, Alicia Merret came to stay with me whilst she gave a talk and workshop to Priory Patchers.  I really enjoyed her company and  making a map – sort of Monifieth!IMG_2506

On holiday to Lake Como.  What a glorious place.P1140332

A few days in Venice too in the Jewish Quarter.P1140363

And a trip to Burano island.P1140410

Back home and my kids summer school at York School of Sewing really kicked off.P1140555

A quick week off to go to Festival of Quilts.  Amazing as usual and lots of children through the workshops.  Here are a group after they had made my ‘Funky Fish.P1140463

So many quilts but here is one that caught my eye immediately.  Its by Gillian Travis and is called Scandinavian Jumpers.P1140453

I signed up for a workshop with Jane Davies called ‘New England Houses’.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and was really pleased with the little wall hanging that I started during the 3 hour session.  This is Jane’s finished piece.P1140459

Back to York and children’s workshops all through the summer holidays.  We introduced Gym Bags and Pencil Cases which I am sure will be a favourite every summer.  Four more ‘Get to Know a Sewing Machine’ which was full every time and means we have a bigger pool than ever of children who can come to our other workshops.

If you are on Facebook, go to’ York School of Sewing’ and you can see a pictorial record of my life for the last few weeks!!  It has been hard work but such great fun 🙂

Now I suppose the most amazing news is that after lots of ‘should we, shouldn’t we’ we have got another dog.  I suspect most of you know about this, but if not – here is Molly.P1100938

9 weeks old.  We are not enjoying broken nights sleep …. but she is gorgeous.  Ella is warming to her and being a very good girl about the whole thing:-)

There!  Potted three months.