Feeling smug

These lovely flowers which I was given at New Year are still quite happy in my conservatory.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Thanks Sarah!

We are under a little bit of snow and the temperature is below freezing so Ella is hiding out in her crate hoping I will forget she is here!  Unfortunately we are going to have to brave it and go for a walk soon.

I am feeling quite smug because I have just finished my ‘Katherine’s Wheel quilt. The binding took longer than the actual making of the quilt top …. it was quite a long way all the way round 🙂   Just to remind you – this is the quilt I made in the autumn from the packs of 10″ squares (with absolutely no waste at all) .  Priory Patchers are having an exhibition this year, so I might put this in.

I failed miserably to take photographs of things I made at Christmas.  However I do have a couple of some of the little lavendar sachets I made … when I was at the ‘Country Living Christmas Fair’ in Harrogate, I noticed that the predominant smell was lavender.  Usually it is cinnamon, which I do like, but this year – lavender.   As a result, and because I had some, this is what I did.

They are 2″ square and I just used a scrap of red fabric backed with ‘Bondaweb’ and machine stitched with black thread.  On the back I wrote ‘Bob, bob, bobin.

They were quite quick to make and I think … if I say so myself … quite effective.

I knitted ‘man cowls for Martin, Jack and nephew George … they sound scarey, but really weren’t.  The pattern was a free download from ‘Ravelry’

I knitted slouchy fingerless gloves for some children who seem to have suddenly turned 20!  And a lacey scarf for my mum.

I have been crocheting again … just finishing up some of the colours that I had left from the circular cushions last year.  I was looking at ‘Lucy Attic’ the other day and am thrilled to hear about ‘Yarndale’ which is a wool fest that she and her friends are organising in Skipton at the end of September.  It sounds like it is going to be great fun … and I shall be going 🙂

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