Kaffe Fassett has arrived at the Quilt Museum.

Very museum filled week.  Monday taking down and putting away the last exhibition.

I sneaked a picture of the replica 1718 quilt. IMG_2368

I have no idea when I shall see it again and I did make a block.  It is the less than interesting one with 4 flesh coloured circles.  This remains one of the most technically difficult pieces of patchwork I have ever done …. but won’t bore you with the details.

Tuesday and the new exhibition was hung.  Lots of people, lots of furniture moving, carrying of quilts, climbing ladders …. even some carpentry.  First sighting of the new Kaffe Fassett quilts which have been inspired by  15 of the heritage quilts from the Guild collection.  They were hung in pairs  and some even from the medieval rafters!IMG_2381

Wednesday, a walk round the exhibition with Kaffe and Brandon Mably for the volunteers so we could find out about the collection and ask questions – so that hopefully we can answer the visitors questions.IMG_2395

Thursday and a lecture.  Today a private view ….. tomorrow an afternoon shift.

The gallery looks great – very colourful as you might imagine.  For the first time photographs can be taken which will be lovely.  Much nicer than telling folks they can’t.

Yesterday I taught a bowl workshop at York School of Sewing.IMG_2398  Very enjoyable day and lovely bowls.IMG_2399

IMG_2404Meantime, on the home front, the weather has been lovely and I have plopped Frank out into the garden despite the fact that he would happily sleep.  Anyway, he found these lettuces and was very happy to have a munch.IMG_2376

Today, great excitement as a large parcel arrived from ‘Granddad Rob Designs”  containing his new house.IMG_2405

Would he like it?IMG_2407  Yes he would!

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