I wanted to show you this picture of the Minster.  At last the top of the end that has been and is still being worked on has been unwrapped.  As I walked onto this scene the other day it stopped me in my tracks.  All the time we have been here, and apparently for about 10 years, it has been wrapped in scaffold and green tarpaulin.  How amazing it is and I continue to be in awe of the stone masons who beaver away all the time making the most beautiful replacements for each stone…… you can see the difference in the colour of the stone.

I went to the Quilters Guild AGM on Saturday …. it was in Harrogate, so it would have been silly to miss it.  The actual meeting went well and the report from the museum was delivered incredibly professionally and  accompanied by a powerpoint presentation of views of all of last years exhibitions.  There was an audible gasp at the sight of it and I wonder how many members who haven’t visited, hot footed it to York on the way home……

I was interested to visit the ‘Modern Quilt Group’ stand.  I have joined during the year as I realise it is this sort of style that is appealing to folks these days.  There are various specialist groups within the Guild and usually they will organise a case of quilts that can be borrowed by groups … the Modern Group has decided a case with instructions and materials for groups to ‘have a go’ would be a good idea and this is what they are thinking ofP1140131

…… looks great to me!

There were some lovely competition pieces, this by a cub pack!P1140135

This was my favourite in the Sue Belton challenge,P1140139

which this time was called ‘Yorkshire’

I took the doll, who is still nameless to ‘Blankettes’ on Monday ….. P1140143she seemed to enjoy it!

I shall be off to Nottingham tomorrow for the weekend retreat.  I have collected many bowls to take and suddenly decided as it is a patchwork weekend, I probably should have made a more ‘scrappy’ one.  So I did….P1140144

I really like it and it makes the others look a bit plain!  I also tried a bit of wrapping, can you see the pink wool wrapped around the purple?  I went a bit tame with the colour for that as I wasn’t sure if it would work or not.  I will be a bit braver next time.

I should be measuring thirty lengths of rope, not writing this, so I had better get on. 🙂



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